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Terrazzo tile is artificial marble tile made mainly from cement. It has a high design quality which cannot be found in natural marble and can be molded and polished with colored powder. It is used as a flooring material in public and commercial facilities because of its resistance to stains.


Bristar is a non-explosive demolition agent that is entirely different from common demolition agents such as explosives and hazardous materials. It does not cause environmental pollution such as flying rocks, noise, ground vibration, gas or dust. After concrete or rock is demolished with Bristar, the debris can be easily removed with a pick hammer, pneumatic breaker, or excavator.


Graphite electrodes are used in the electric furnace industry to recycle steel in so-called "mini-mills." We do not only supply graphite electrodes and nipples to our customers. We focus on delivering the entire "product system" from the time we receive the order from the customer, through the production process, to the final product at the steel mill, with the support of our sales and technical experts.


Synthetic cryolite is a white crystalline powder manufactured from hydrofluoric acid, sodium carbonate, and aluminum. it is mainly used as a flux in the electrolytic production of aluminum because it effectively lowers the melting point of alumina. It is used in the glass and enamel industries, as a filler in bonded abrasives, in the manufacture of sodium and aluminum and porcelaneous glass, and in the manufacture of pesticides. Cryolite is a relatively safe fruit and vegetable pesticide. Fluoride ion inhibits many enzymes, including iron, calcium, and magnesium.


We deal in ferro alloy products from Dongbu Metal, the major Ferro Alloy manufacturer in Korea supplying to the steel industry in Thailand. We can supply Ferro Alloys materials as SiMn, FeMn, and FeSi with reliable quality and stability.


Taiheiyo Cement Group has various subsidiaries that manufacture and sell products in various fields, mainly cement, civil engineering, and construction. As a member of the Taiheiyo Cement Group, we handle these products to meet the needs of our customers.

Taiheiyo Cement Corporation

Products: Cement, cement-based soil stabilizer, other products related to cement

Taiheiyo Materials Corporation

Products: Cement and concrete related products

Taiheiyo Consultant Co., LTD.

Testing and analysis of cement and concrete and environmental measurement certification business

Taiheiyo Engineering Corporation

Engineering and consulting services and equipment related to a cement plant

A&A Material Corporation

Products: Noncombustible board, calcium silicate product, other industrial products


TAIHEIYO International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Unit 2302, 23rd Floor, Liberty Square, 287 Silom Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

  Tel: +66(0)2631-1570-4


Work for the Earth,

Create the New Value

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