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Sulfuric acid is colorless, odorless, viscous liquid. It can be used for a wide range of fields, including industrial and agricultural applications. We import high purity sulfuric acid from Japan to Thailand.


Ceraclean is a material developed to purify water, encourages the growth of helpful plankton and promote decomposition of sludge at the bottom of a pond. Characteristically, Ceraclean has low alkalinity with porous structure and discharges minerals in pond water. It can control the pH of the water to the neutral range and support diatom growth which will become a source of food for prawns and fish.

For more information

Download the Ceraclean brochure (English)

Download the Ceraclean brochure (Thai)


The key to enjoying an aquarium for an extended period is establishing and maintaining biological filtration and stable water quality.

The Power House is a high-performance filtration material that combines various functions to sustain biological filtration for a long time, and it can also control pH.

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Jump to Power House page on Taiheiyo Cement website


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